Michelangelo Pistolett (Italy)

Exhibitions & Artworks

Michelangelo Pistolett/Color and Light/180x3000pxx2/Juta,mirror,gilded wood/2016

Artist Profile:

Michelangelo Pistoletto was born in 1933 in Biella, Italy.

He is recognized as one of the most influential contemporary contemporaries and a major proponent of the Arte Povera movement.His artistic training began in his father's studio, a painter and restorer, where he had worked since the age of 14.

In the 1950s, Pistleto began experimenting with self-portraits, often in monochrome backgrounds such as gold, silver and copper.In 1955, the artist exhibited his work and held his first solo exhibition at the Galatia Art Gallery (GalleriaGalatea) in Turin in 1960.In two years from 1961 to 1962, the artist began creating the first painting (mirror painting).This form directly includes the audience and real-time signs into the work.In this way, Pistreto broadened his artistic vision and overturned the traditional Renaissance perspective held by the avant-garde in the 20th century.