Technological Co-Respondence

About Technological Co-Respondence

The idea that a certain affinity exists between the world and humankind has been a part of Chinese culture for millennia. In fact, variations on the notion that the microcosm of human activity and the macrocosm of the universe are connected in some way are discernible in the myths and philosophical sayings from many ancient civilizations, such as Egypt, India and Greece. In ancient times, people in China were aware of a certain manner in which the myriad entities of the cosmos responded to one another. They called this phenomenon the Dao or the Way.

With the arrival of mechanical thinking, the world began to reveal itself as an intricate watch in which every future event was already prefigured in the interlinked motion of its innumerable cogs. The meticulously designed and elaborately constructed watch of the universe proceeds with perfect precision. In the same way, the human body also resembles an elaborate watch, as do the cities we inhabit.

Traces of this holistic view of the world appear in contemporary systems theory. A butterfly flaps its wings in South America and causes a storm in the Pacific Ocean. How is it that a tiny fluctuation in the cosmic microwave background picked up by a radiometer can spark a neural connection light years away in somebody’s brain?

Technological Co-Respondence will exhibit works from the field of technology-inspired art by 32 artists/groups from a range of countries, such as China, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the USA, Australia, France, the Netherlands, South Korea, Russia and Belarus etc. Divided into four sections – Body, Ecology, Signal, Cosmos – the exhibition will take place over four gallery halls on the second floor of the Tianfu Gallery, where it will explore the ways in which people, cities, geography and digital information systems interact and exchange information with one another. The exhibit hopes to present the mutual correspondence between human thought and the laws embedded deep in the cosmos: the deep resonances between matter, energy and information.In the Age of Enlightenment, we thought that everything was governed by order. The world became transparent. There would be no more secrets concealed within it to surprise us. Today, we have turned our attention to the human brain and discovered it contains a mystery as profound as the cosmos itself. The unknown continues to envelop us. Science is still an art that relies on imagination.

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