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Super Fusion --2021 Chengdu Biennale

Exhibition time:November 6, 2021 - July 15, 2022

Location:Chengdu Tianfu Art Park(Chengdu Tianfu Art Museum , Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art)

Traffic guide:Chengdu Tianfu Art Park

1、Driving: Tianfu Art Park, Jinquan Road, Jinniu District, Chengdu

2、Subway: Metro Line 2, exit D of Yingbin Avenue station

3、Bus: No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, No. 48, No. 209, No. 656, No. 136, No. 653, No. 341 (Jinniu park bus station, chunshui'an station)

Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art,Chengdu Tianfu Gallary

9:00-17:00 from Tuesday to Sunday


Tianfu Art Park, Jinquan Road, Jinniu District, Chengdu
TEL:+86 0335 7522 652

2021 Chengdu Biennale Booking Guide

One: About the Booking

1.The museum requires visitors to book tickets under their real name as it appears on their passport. To avoid crowding, a maximum of 5,000 visitors will be allowed to attend each day.

2.Please apply with your real name and related information as it appears on your passport, ID card to make an appointment at least one day in advance on the official WeChat account of "Chengdu Art Museum". For children, please make an appointment with the ID number on the household register.

3.Each ID number allows an appointment to visit once a day. Please fill in the appointment information truthfully and choose your appointment time reasonably.

4.Senior citizens and visitors in special circumstances are able to book a ticket with a valid ID at the venue.

5.Please keep the QR code of the appointment properly after the online appointment.

Two: About the Exhibitions

1.Museum Opening Times: 9:00am to 5:00pm, Tuesday to Sunday. The museums stops admitting visitors each day at 4:30pm. Museums are closed on Mondays. Variations to opening times during national vacation periods will be announced separately.

2.Please wear a mask when entering the museum and provide staff with a green Health Code, a green Travel Code, your passport and your booking QR code. You must scan the venue QR code and have your temperature taken before entering.

3.In the following cases, visitors will not be granted admission:

•if they have a body temperature above or equal to 37.3°C (99.4°F);

•if they have an abnormal Health Code;

•if they have traveled to middle/high-risk areas within 14 days;

•Visitors whose Tianfu Health Codes have pop-up window warnings are not allowed to enter the museum;

4.Please try to maintain a distance of at least 1.5m from other visitors. If the number of people in an enclosed gallery space reaches a certain level, the museum may adopt measures to direct and limit the flow of visitors in order to control crowding.

5.Carry-on backpacks should go through a security inspection. Please store large luggage at the service counter, and it is forbidden to bring dangerous goods into the exhibition hall.

6.It is forbidden to take photos or record videos in the gallery spaces. Unless stated otherwise, please refrain from making photographic recordings of the artworks.

7.Do not engage in behavior that impacts on other visitors’ gallery experience, such as causing a commotion, running around or fighting. Items such as food, drinks, liquids, metal objects, paint and umbrellas are not permitted in the galleries. Animals are also not permitted.